‘I can’t get Income Protection because I have diabetes… right?’

The chances are you have been told you can’t get Income Protection because you have diabetes, well this is not exactly true, more and more insurance companies are now offering this policy… so how do you know if you qualify?

1. Income Protection 101: The Lifeline You Didn't Know You Needed

Think of income protection as that superhero cape tucked away in your closet. If illness decides to play the villain, this cape ensures your finances don't take a nosedive. And for us in the diabetes club, it's like having an extra glucose tab in your pocket!

This policy will pay you up to 70% of your gross monthly income in the event you are unable to work following an accident, illness, or injury. This money would be vital to help pay for your mortgage/rent and monthly living expenses.

2. Hurdles on the Path to Income Protection

Acquiring income protection can be a steep hill to climb for someone with diabetes. Here are a few bumps on the road:

  • Elevated Premiums: Insurers might nudge up the premiums, due to your diabetes.
  • Policy Exclusions: or they may decide to exclude diabetes-related complications.
  • Medical Scrutiny: The chances are they will want to speak with your GP first.

3. What Will Stop You From Getting Income Protection

With only a handful of insurance companies offering Income Protection to people with Diabetes, there are a few things which will decline your application –

  • Being diagnosed with Retinopathy, Neuropathy, protein in your urine or hospitalisation stay in the last 5 years.
  • Smoking.
  • High BMI
  • High HBA1C readings

If this doesn’t sound like you, you’ll have the best chance of getting accepted.

4. Steer Clear of Pitfalls – Tips to getting the best deals

  • Stay on Top of Your Health: Keeping your diabetes in check can tip the scales in your favour. Regular health checks, adhering to prescribed meds, and a balanced lifestyle could be your trump card.
  • Market Comparison: Dive deep into the market; policies can vary considerably. Hunt for the one that ticks your boxes.
  • Speak with us: As experts for people with diabetes, we can advise you on who to go to, what the costs will be and clearly explain any exclusions.
  • Open Book Policy: Be transparent about your health status. Masking details can make your policy void.

5. Read the Policy Details

As previously noted, certain insurance companies might exclude diabetes without increasing your premium, while others may cover diabetes but at a higher premium.

6. The Insurance Forecast: Sunnier Days Ahead!

With every scientific leap and bound, insurers might just be inching closer to a world where diabetes doesn't feel like the financial Grinch. Here’s to hope and better days!

Just this year alone 3 insurance companies have started to offer Income Protection insurance for people with Diabetes, siting advancements in technology as the reason they can now offer this product.


There you have it, our fabulous More Than Diabetes family! While diabetes might make the income protection quest a tad quirky, with the right approach, you've got this!

October 4, 2023  
The information contained within was correct at the time of publication but is subject to change.

About the Author Sam Stevens

10 years of protecting families and I still never get bored of hearing peoples surprise when I get them accepted on a life insurance policy! Especially when they have been declined in the past due to their Diabetes.
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